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Surge Protection System
Surge Protection System

A surge protector works by channeling the extra voltage into the outlet's grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through the electronic devices while at the same time allowing the normal voltage to continue along its path. Electrical surges can damage computer equipment by burning its wires or gradually over time wearing down the device's internal components and even wipe out any saved data. Surge protectors can also protect telephone and cable lines as these also carry electric current.


  • Telecom Sector
  • Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Railways
  • Banking Sector
  • Buildings, Airports, Hotels
  • Substation and Power Generators
  • Equipment Body Earthing
  • Petroleum Industry and Fuel Depot
  • Manufacturing Units and Refineries
  • Commercial Sector

Technical Data:

  • Type 1 / Class I / Class B - For Main Distribution LV Panel / Main Incomer
  • Type 1+2 / Class I+II / Class B+C - For Sub Distribution Panels
  • Type 2 / Class II / Class C - For Floor Distribution Panels / Nearby Equipments
  • SOLAR DC SPD (Solar Application)

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